St Peter & St Paul Church Harlington
St Peter & St Paul Church Harlington

Approaching the church from the main gate, the eye is drawn to a fine early sixteenth century oak porch. The supporting brickwork dates from 1880, when a major restoration of the Church took place. It is noticeable that the width of the Porch is narrower than that of the doorway it protects; several theories may account for this. Either the measurements made by the carpenter were inaccurate, or that it was moved from some other location, where it had been used for a different purpose. Working on this supposition, it is possible that it may have once stood over a lych gate, now long-disappeared. Such covered gateways were placed at the entrance to a churchyard where, during a funeral, the coffin and the mourners could await the arrival of the priest. The word Lych, or Lich is of Anglo Saxon origin, and refers to a dead body.

The early sixteenth century Porch


  The Porch may be regarded as the transition between the sacred space of the church and the secular world beyond its walls. At one time, parts of the Marriage and Baptismal Services were held in the Porch. Some, porches, had a room built above them, known as a Parvis, which was often used for the instruction of children. 

Community Activites:

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"The Hurbs "- Harlington Ukulele Rainbow Band.

On the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month at 7.30pm

(Remains suspended until further notice).



On the 2nd & 4th Thursday of each month  at 2.15pm

in the Church Hall.

(Suspended until further notice). 



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